'Survivor: One World's' Colton Cumbie realizes that karma got him


Colton Cumbie was one of the most polarizing castaways in "Survivor" history. He tells Zap2it what he regrets about his behavior and how much he wants to go back for another chance.How are you feeling? How did everything go once you were medi-vac'd out of there?"I'm obviously 100% better. What happened was I was taken to a hopsital where they determined it was a severe bacterial infection. They gave me a round of antibiotics, I got back to the States and I had to do another round of antibiotics. They thought it might still be appendicitis when I got back to the States, but I still have my appendix."You were a very divisive player this year. Were you playing a character for the purposes of TV or for strategy?"Um, that's hard. Obviously, there was strategy behind some things that I did. I think I could've handled it differently. Christina, for example, whenever I was calling...



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