Supernatural Photos: DJ Qualls Returns in Episode 7.18

DJ Qualls first appeared earlier this season in the Supernatural episode "Season 7, Time for a Wedding!".  The episode itself may not have been a hit with the fans, but Qualls proved himself a fun guest star.  He'll be making a return appearance in the upcoming March 30 episode, titled "Party on, Garth".

It sounds like we're in for a very amusing episode for Qualls' return.  Garth reaches out to the Winchester brothers for help with a case he's working on.  Only this is a creature they've never faced before.  They realize they're going up against a Japanese creature - a Shojo - who is summoned to seek revenge on enemies. The twist is that Shojos can only be seen when they're drunk.

Who's the best drunk of them all?  Dean Winchester, of course!  Rumor has it this episode is hilarious.  I think the last time we saw Dean "funny drunk" (instead of "morose drunk") was season 4's "Yellow Fever", which was a treat.  Plus, here's a bonus for you...Dean gets to wield a pretty awesome looking sword!

The only real question, of course, is how Sam manages to get himself out of the mental hospital he'll be checked into in the upcoming March 23 episode because of his Lucifer hallucinations.  Will the recently-returned Castiel be able to heal him, or will Dean find another way to save his brother?

After this episode, Supernatural will go on hiatus for two weeks and then return on April 20, with five episodes in a row until the season finale on May 18.

Use the arrows above to browse through photos for the March 30 episode of Supernatural, airing at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.  For more about the show, browse through our new Supernatural showpage.


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