Misha Collins on his return to 'Supernatural': Castiel 'can tell that Dean's a dangerous guy'


Friday's "Supernatural" episode features the return of Misha Collins as Castiel -- well, sort of as Castiel. When Dean reunites with his buddy, Cas is calling himself Emanuel, is married to a nice lady named Daphne, and looks pretty comfortable in a sweater.Collins has played many "versions" of Castiel over the years, but "Emanuel" won't feel like a whole new character to fans who have missed their favorite rogue angel. "Honestly, it felt more like a hard reset than like a new version of the character," Collins tells us. "Like we were going back to Castiel at the beginning." He laughs. "I am revealing a lot to you. Maybe I shouldn't. I definitely felt like we were returning to ground that we had already tread on with Castiel."We'll learn that when Castiel ultimately emerged from the lake he was "drenched and confused and unclothed," with no memory of his life as an angel -- and,...



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