Supernatural “The Born-Again Identity” Review

Well folks, it happened, it finally happened. After months of waiting, wishing and hoping, Supernaturalbrought back our beloved Castiel in tonight’s episode, called "The Born-Again Identity."

Now I can finally stop holding my breath and let out everything I’ve been thinking about this episode ever since I was lucky enough to catch a screening of it at the CW yesterday. I didn’t want to leak spoilers but at the same time, I’m so happy I can finally share with everyone just exactly how this episode made me feel. And what can I say? This one blew me away. Every actor brought their A-game to the table and there wasn’t an idle performance in the bunch. From Sam’s pain, Dean’s determination, Castiel’s initial confusion to eventual guilt, and even Lucifer’s hilarity – I enjoyed the heck out of everything that every single character did. Read More... 


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