Community 3.12 "Contemporary Impressionists" Recap

In a perfect world, this episode of Community would have been the first episode back from winter hiatus. Instead, on a balmy spring night, we’re sitting around in our houses while the study group talks about their new year, and…ah, well. No complaints, right? I didn’t think so.

Turns out that a lot of stuff went on with the Greendale crew over break. Pierce digitized his entire movie collection, Britta got excited for her new psychology courses, and Jeff saw a new shrink – one that put him on anti-anxiety pills. Britta is intensely against this new development, as she feels keeping Jeff on the pills will cause him to become a hyper narcissist (essentially, Jeff needs his ego in order to keep himself from going crazy.) For once in her life, I think Britta’s actually in the right here (and it turns out, she is) but it’s still kind of fun to see Jeff refuse her help. Read More...


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