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Another Big Supernatural Spoiler!! You won't believe this

This is another big Supernatural spoiler of this year!! I am sure this news is almost unbelievable.But this is from a trusted source,Yes Sam and Dean might have another sibling out there that neither knows about.Read the full spoiler hereSupernatural Big Spoiler


| 23:23 EST, 11 Jan, 2009 thoughts exactly WhereAmI
| 17:15 EST, 11 Jan, 2009
hot brother? if it has to be why not a hot sister for a change. :)
| 16:05 EST, 11 Jan, 2009
Hmm... it will ruin the most brilliant thing about the show - the brother's closeness and relationship to each other. How old will the brother be? Will either Sam or Dean not trust him? Thus causing a rift within their relationship? Will one be forced to take sides? I see what Kirmacat and Thomtinuviel are saying - that somehow the writers, directors and producers have turned every hypothetically zany plotline into a powerful poignant and someone almost realistic one, but is this a step too far? And damn right, that brother had BETTER be hot.
| 23:40 EST, 09 Jan, 2009
I agree with Thomtinuviel, Supernatural hasn't let us down yet. The producers/directors/writers/everyone else knows that Supernatural fans don't want... Daytime soap opera drama. I trust them enough that even if this rumour is true, it'll only improve the show, not make it worse. (The third brother had better be good looking though...)
| 14:47 EST, 09 Jan, 2009
Kripke's smarter than that. Don't worry about it, guys. I don't think he'll let us down by pulling a cheap trick like that when there's only one season left. That would be ridiculous.Have faith in Eric and co.
| 19:33 EST, 08 Jan, 2009
please dont be true it'd ruin the brothers outlook, i hate when good shows do things like this like outta a day time soap
| 18:02 EST, 08 Jan, 2009
if they wanted to make it interesting for me, this new sibling could have abilities like Sam, but is evil... the brothers know they will have to kill said sibling but are reluctant because the sibling is apart of their family, so they could try and bring him back to the good side or something like that
| 05:59 EST, 08 Jan, 2009
lol Bobby.....he is the same age as Papa Winchister
| 22:27 EST, 07 Jan, 2009
Could be an older sibling.... he/SHE doesn't have to become a member of the team, or even someone as notable as Bobby. Could be interesting, if they carry it out well.
| 19:40 EST, 07 Jan, 2009
I dnt think it is real but if it is, they cant bring another brother into the series. It has always been 'Dean and Sam' and should always stay 'Dean and Sam'.
| 19:17 EST, 07 Jan, 2009
I hope its not this would change the boy's view about their father!!
| 19:04 EST, 07 Jan, 2009
I think Sam and Dean might get mad at their dad if they have a little brother because it seemed as if John was devoted to Mary. I think Dean won't have as big a problem with it because he'll say his dad had urges like everyone else. Still, it would kind of throw off the show a bit.
| 12:29 EST, 07 Jan, 2009
exactly i don't belive it and i hope it's not true. another winchester brother would spoil why the show is so great. it's because of sam and dean, how they look after each other and fight evil. it's not because of sam, dean + joe. regarding the new cast for alastair. i hope it will turn out better than with ruby.

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