Up All Night Review: Too Close For Comfort

You would think that with the Fonz and Sharon Osbourne guest starring, this would be a fantastic episode of Up All Night. Unfortunately "Daddy Daughter Time" fell a little short.

The only thing that was not lacking was Chris's use of the bronzer in hair and makeup. Do we have a beauty product addict on our hands?

Without a doubt, Chris loves the spotlight. When Ava needed someone to fill in as the legal advisor on the show, Chris was chomping at the bit for the gig. Why Reagan and Ava wouldn't automatically choose him is beyond me. He's smart, eager, and, most of all, free!

Of course, working with someone really close to you isn't a great idea. I don't blame Chris for having a less than stellar first episode. It's only natural to have nerves. At least he looked nice and tan. Also, telling your audience to "do that math?" Eh, we're kinda lazy. Read More...



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