The Vampire Diaries 3.17 "Break on Through" Review

As we head into the final third of this season of The Vampire Diaries certain story threads are being untangled and this episode definitely felt like a table setter to the overall plot and to remind us of what the goal of the year has been. The overarching story this year has been about the Originals; though it is only Rebekah (Claire Holt) who has featured in the last couple of episodes and these have dealt primarily with the serial killer plot and Stefan's control issues. These were the two stronger parts of this weaker episode and other aspects such as the Sage (Cassidy Freeman) felt a bit flat.

So let's start with what worked well in "Break on Through" and that begins with last week's big reveal that Alaric (Matt Davis) was the one who had been going on a mini-killing spree. The opening with Alaric having a CAT scan was particularly jarring with his reflection that didn't appear to be moving along with him and it was a subtle moment to show his breaking psyche. The problem for Alaric as they discover the hard way is that it isn't the ring that is making him do these awful things, but it is the amount of times that he has died and come back to life thanks to the ring that is causing this psychotic break. Alaric really has died a lot on this show and also happens to have had anger issues in the past. Read More...


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