American Idol Top Ten Results: Just the Way it Is

I can't say I'm surprised at tonight's results. Even though Erika van Pelt had the voice, somehow, she wasn't connecting with voters, and on American Idol that means an all too early exit. But more on that later.

The night started off with a group song to "The Longest Time". Each contestant gets a moment to shine, and I spy Casey Abrams in the audience. I liked that there was choreography, but it didn't seem silly or forced, and that the end harmonization came off so well. The music video was another nonentity, with the contestants playing hide-and-go-seek, and not even pretending to sing along to the song in the background.

Hollie, Skylar and Elise are first up. I'm glad that they are all safe to next week. Apparently next week the contestants are moving into a mansion, so expect filler for that in the next episode. Read More...


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