30 Rock Recap: Billy Baldwin Does His Best Jack Donaghy

Last night’s mentoring episode was really just the appetizer. After a fairly straightforward first show, 30 Rock unleashed all of its zaniest, most self-referential impulses in the second half-hour of the night. Jenna sang a song about pizza, Weird Al sang a song about our troops, and Alec Baldwin’s brother dressed up as Jack Donaghy and seduced Avery Jessup’s mom.

Our heroes are working on the TV-movie version of Avery’s capture by North Korea, and the pressure is on. "If you get this right," Jack tells Liz, who’s writing the script, "gay men will be dressing up like Avery for Halloween for the next twenty years."

Jenna, who plays Avery, wrote a song called "Kidnapped" for the movie. Almost as soon as she released it, Weird Al put out his own parody, "Knapsack." Liz tries to explain to Jenna that she should be proud: "It’s a huge honor, like when people want to see your boobs at Mardi Gras." But Jenna’s having none of it. She was planning to sing her song on Jimmy Fallon, and now she feels like it’s been ruined. Read More...



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