American Idol Recap: What Exactly Is the Voting Strategy Here?

So! Billy Joel Week ends exactly as it began (and remained for every second of its duration): as a great big obnoxious mess that makes me furious. 

The group number, predictably enough, is "The Longest Time." It’s okay as these things go: a few botched lyrics, a few bum notes, almost everyone looking uncomfortable with the basic dance moves. It’s standard Idol procedure, really. But it does briefly help me forget Billy Joel’s original video for that song, which is so demeaning to black people it just got nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. 

And then it’s the Ford music video, in which the top ten play some kind of hide-and-seek game in an Ikea showroom house. Most of the finalists just do not have this in them at all; I cringe for them, because they are not contractually able to do it for themselves. But do you know who’s loving the shit out of it? Colton. A lifetime of church camps and face painting gets you good and psyched for some corporate-sponsored hiding and seeking. Read More...


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