Up All Night Recap: You Do the Math

Normally I wouldn't start a recap at the end of an episode, but the tag that closed out "Daddy Daughter Time" was a moment that encapsulated the promise of Up All Night when it first debuted. Chris and Reagan were in bed after a pretty chaotic day: Chris had been hired as Ava's resident law-talking-guy (in the parlance of Lionel Hutz), then fired when Reagan couldn't deal with having him around the office and at home. Unable to do the deed herself, she recruited Ava to make up a lie that the original lawyer needed the health insurance for his MS — a disease so bad, there are multiple sclerosis's involved. Chris had felt like a pretty noble guy for stepping aside so a person in need could be helped.

But Reagan, plagued with guilt, let it slip that she was the one who pulled the trigger. He felt manipulated, and rightfully called Reagan out on it. In response, Reagan told Chris that he could be brutally honest with her about something he'd been saving up. He took a moment, composed himself, and said, "I never told you this because I didn't know how … but you get more and more beautiful every day." Then he rolled over and went to sleep. It was a moment that evoked equal parts pathos and catharsis, that had it been done by two less comically gifted actors would have probably made the tone of "Daddy Daughter Time" far too dark. But it worked — a peek into a very specific relationship moment, told wonderfully and purely in this sitcom.  Read More...



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