30 Rock 6.14 "Kidnapped By Danger" Review - The Baldwin Solution

30 Rock season 6 stages the fourteenth episode of season 6 with "Kidnapped by Danger," where Liz prevents Jack from succumbing to Avery's mother Diana (Mary Steenburgen) during production of his movie while Kenneth takes on a new job and Tracy and Jenna out-parody Weird Al Yankovic.  Somewhat less even than the previous half-hour, "Kidnapped by Danger" seems like a promising story that doesn't quite live up to its potential.

So, I was more or less correct when I decided  that it wasn’t necessary to view "Grandmentor" and "Kidnapped by Danger" as a single episode, in spite of their presentation.  Kristen Schaal has no role to play this week, and the only real continued threads are the production of Jack’s Avery Jessup movie and Kenneth once again attempting to claw his way back up the corporate ladder, but they’re not really continued in any way that’s thematically dependent on "Grandmentor."  If anything, I would think that the two actually work better separated by a week, given a little time to let the idea of Kenneth settling into a lower job or production ramping up on "Kidnapped by Danger" simmer a little. Read More...



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