'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Curse'

Cassie and Adam are so committed to the Secret Circle they were willing to swallow a magical elixir they knew would wipe away their romance in order to save Jake, who they just found out is (or at least, was) a killer. While it was incredibly sad, tragic and noble of them, it was all for naught, because:

They were being played! By John Blackwell!

Yes, the "Curse" from which last night's episode of "The Secret Circle" took its name was all a lie concocted by none other than Cassie's father, John Blackwell. Turns out Mr. "I don't use or have my dark magic anymore" Blackwell is very much in possession of enough magic to make Jake very sick, manipulate Jane's memories (poor Jane and the constant monkeying with her mind by basically everyone over the age of 18!), kill a bunch of birds and cause Adam to fall out of love with Cassie. Blackwell may look cool as a cucumber as he's constantly popping that collar, but he's been up to no good and spreading lies all around town. Read More...



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