Fringe Review: Do You Believe In Love?

"A Short Story About Love" was a long time coming. I don't know that I was ever as excited about the return of a program from hiatus as I was for this particular episode of Fringe. It literally felt as if I was waiting for the world to start spinning again. I had to know what was going on with Olivia and Peter. It might sound ridiculous to someone who doesn't watch Fringe, but it was an actual physical need to see it.

The week focused mainly on Olivia as she came to grips with her fading memories, and what would happen to her as time went on. While the thought of losing yourself would seem problematic, she only saw the benefit of being with Peter again, consequences be damned. Until the realization that she could be faced with a world in which she loved a man she would never have, she didn't give a second thought to letting go. Read More....


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