Fringe 4.15 "A Short Story About Love" Review

Despite its science-y weirdness, Fringe is a show dedicated to the superiority of love. The show argues that love is something that doesn't adhere to the rules of science. It's something that can bring universes together, and it's something that can shatter them. "A Short Story About Love," the March 23 episode of Fringe, is ultimately part of a much longer story about love. But does the episode serve as a representative microcosm of the rest of the series, as any episode bearing such a title ultimately should? The answer is yes, though not without a few flaws.

"A Short Story About Love" thankfully put an end to the most frustrating part of season 4 so far: the contrived mystery of where Peter is. It's been obvious to most fans since the outset that Peter is in an altered version of his own timeline, but the show has insisted upon trying to convince us that he's actually in the wrong timeline. That's been the primary source of drama for the past few episodes, and it's been about as compelling as watching a debate of whether the earth is flat or round. We know, already. But the show finally addressed that question in this episode, answering definitely that the obvious was true. Now, thankfully, we can move on. Read More...


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