Supernatural Review: Touched By An Angel

We all have met that one person that you just can't stand. That one that no matter what, finds ways to annoy you to the point that if you don't get away, they will drive you up the wall. So, imagine being trapped with that somebody with no escape and maybe you'll come to a fraction of what Sam Winchester has dealt with mentally. Oh, and his bothersome buddy happens to be the devil. What a lucky guy.

This season, more so at the outset, has played around with the idea of Sam's crumbling mind but ultimately left it to the point where the audience just had to buy his deterioration and struggles with Lucifer shouting on his shoulder and messing with his head. Except as viewers it's a lot harder to accept when we can't connect with Sam's issues because we don't see it. And of course, when you have a talent like Mark Pellegrino acting deliciously obnoxious, sarcastic, and fiendish in toying with the main character, that particular visual experience makes Sam's nightmare of a broken soul much more impactful. Read More...


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