Fairly Legal Review: The Politics of Death

Fairly Legal came back after it's season premiere with "Start Me Up," one of my favorite episodes of the series thus far. I've always felt this show had great potential and finally it seems to be living up to it with captivating characters and absorbing storylines.

First I'll get one bit of silliness out of the way. Kate walking through the office in a towel would under normal circumstances seem ridiculous except for one important point. It's Sarah Shahi. I'm a heterosexual female and even I've got to say the woman is gorgeous. So if Kate Reed feels the need to make her way from the executive washroom to her office in a towel who am I to complain.

That the towel scene led to Justin walking in on her changing could have been played for laughs. I was so glad it wasn't. The hurt and awkwardness between the two was palpable. Justin wanted a chance to explain and make amends but Kate was still far to angry to want to hear the details of his indiscretion. Read More...



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