Once Upon a Time 1.17 Recap: The Truth Can Drive You Mad

Once Upon a Time took a trip to Wonderland this week in an episode that focused more on the mythology of the show then might have appeared at first glance.

Let's begin with the fairytale world in this week's Once Upon a Time.  We meet Jefferson (guest star Sebastian Stan) in the woods with his young daughter, Grace.  As they arrive home, he notices the queen's wagon.  Denying that he knows her, he sends his daughter into the woods while he goes inside.  The Evil Queen (whose real name is Regina), is shocked to see him living in such a humble abode.  Despite the fact that Jefferson has magical powers, the death of his wife from a spell gone wrong has gotten him out of that life.

Regina offers him one last job to set himself and his daughter up for life: she needs him to travel to another land to retrieve something that's been stolen.  He refuses, but after a trip to the market with his daughter where he realizes the depths of his poverty, he decides to take the Queen up on her offer in order to properly provide for Grace.  So he heads to her castle, where he spins a magical hat which opens up a door to...Wonderland.  The two of them travel through the looking glass (see what they did there?), which means that only two people can return. Read More...



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