'Good Wife': Matthew Perry's 'Blue Ribbon Panel' sees Alicia go Juror No. 8


"The Good Wife" has pulled out all the stops this week, folks. This might be our very favorite episode of the show so far and that is saying something.The Case of the Week, or 7 Angry Blue Ribbon PanelistsAlicia is asked by Diane to take her place on a blue ribbon panel being presided over by Mike Kresteva (Matthew Perry, in a wonderful guest-starring turn). The panel is reviewing a police investigation into an officer-involved shooting on an EL platform in which the officer is white and the shooting victim is black.The panel is clearly phoning it in, but count on Alicia to put on her Hat of Righteousness and go all Henry Fonda on their butts - she's investigating, she's questioning witnesses, she's finding new evidence. It's really wonderful to watch. Except. The twist this week (isn't it always about Peter?) is that the State's Attorney passed on prosecuting said white police officer even...



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