'Once Upon a Time': You like hats? He's mad about hats


This is an episode we've been waiting all season for - some Lewis Carroll up in "Once Upon a Time." "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There" are two of our very favorite books. Have you ever seen the made-for-TV movie of the books starring Natalie Gregory and a host of famous stars? They're so great, the most faithful-to-the-book adaptations we've ever seen. Anyway...Fairytale LandThis week's guest star is Sebastian Stan as Jefferson, the Mad Hatter before he was the Mad Hatter and who now lives in Fairytale Land and has a daughter named Grace. He agrees to help the Evil Queen get to Wonderland to steal something back from the Queen of Hearts.Jeff spins his magic hat and a vortex opens to Wonderland. There, he and the Queen go to the Queen of Hearts' heart vault (is that where the Evil Queen got that idea?) and she...



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