'Supernatural' Recap: Castiel Returns And Sam Breaks Down Again

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 7, Episode 17 of The CW's "Supernatural," entitled "The Born-Again Identity."

Demons and angels and ghosts, oh my!

From what I've observed in our comments sections and via Twitter over the past few months, Castiel's return has been heralded with both anticipation and dread, depending on which part of fandom you occupy. But to me, "The Born-Again Identity" exemplified all the things that "Supernatural" does best: emphasizing the brotherly bond that holds the show together; highlighting the excellence of the supporting characters; showcasing the dramatic chops of its actors; and proving that an emotional through-line is all it really takes to make a story resonate. The episode didn't overtly advance the overarching leviathan plot (although it was clearly laying necessary groundwork for stories to come). It instead focused on our characters' internal struggles, reminding us that no matter how dire the circumstances, our heroes are always driven by the desire to do the right thing, no matter the personal cost. Read More...



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