'Mad Men' Recap: Party At The Drapers'!

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 5, Episode 1 of AMC's "Mad Men," entitled "A Little Kiss."

Is everyone ready for the status meeting?

All together now: Ahhhhhh!

We went a long time between "Mad Men" seasons, my fellow fans, and Sunday's two-hour premiere was a chance to just exhale and hang with them. Didn't it feel good?

Sure, nothing cataclysmic happened in the season premiere -- Lane finding a wallet, Don not scolding a client and Joan not being fired don't exactly count as earthshattering events. But so what? Surely there are big events to come, and, as has happened in every other "Mad Men" season premiere, no doubt things were set in motion that will continue to play out for the next 11 hours of the show's fifth season.

I don't know about you, but I just luxuriated in the season premiere, which revolved around the set piece of the party, which, more than anything else, felt like a big, shiny present to fans. Don's surprise birthday bash was brightly colored and amusing and, like the best "Mad Men" moments, full of lots of intersecting layers. Was Megan wrong to throw Don a surprise party and then act like a cabaret vamp in front of all their co-workers? Was Don wrong to be pissy and annoyed regarding Megan's impulsive, but well-intentioned gestures? Were the onlookers at the party feeling lust, embarrassment or just plain old shock? Read More...



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