Once Upon a Time “Hat Trick” Review

This week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, Hat Trick, did exactly what I’ve been wanting the show to do for awhile. Thanks to the machinations of an evil queen and the insanity brought about by being trapped in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter (also known as Jefferson), finally got through to Emma and made her start to wonder if Henry has been right all along.

In Fairytale Land, the Queen wanted to get to Wonderland, but none of her powers allowed her access to the realm of the Queen of Hearts. She needed the help of Jefferson and his magical hat, but she had to trick him, blackmail him and ultimately tear him away from his daughter, Grace (who loved tea parties and stuffed rabbits), in order to get him to take her through the Looking Glass.

Of course, Regina was just using the poor man’s desperation to provide for his child. Once there, she stole a box from the other Queen that contained some small part of her father (or perhaps her father himself, only shrunk down) and fed him a piece of magic mushroom. He sprouted back to his regular size, but thanks to the rule that however many people pass through the mirror is how many can go back, Regina and her father trapped Jefferson in the wacky hell of Wonderland, leaving him at the mercy of the Queen of Hearts who promptly cut off his head. Read More...



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