Mad Men “A Little Kiss” Review

After a staggering 17-month absence, Mad Men returned this week with "A Little Kiss" that packed a not-entirely-unexpected punch. It’s now 1966 and the Civil Rights movement is in full swing, even in the North. How do the employees of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce respond to marches in the street? Homemade water bombs. Keep it classy, boys!

But putting the historical context aside for a moment, as expected, Don did make Megan Mrs. Draper during the year that passed between seasons, and he also promoted her from secretary/babysitter to coupon design girl. Peggy was surprisingly okay with this, perhaps because her willingness to challengeDon’s decisions has turned strangely passive-aggressive. Where is the Peggy who would call him on his bullshit, the Peggy who expected him to work his magic to make Heinz see that her bean commercial idea was cutting-edge? Read More... 


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