The Amazing Race Review: Oil and Water

This week’s leg of The Amazing Race wasn’t the most grueling ever run, but it may have been the most uncomfortable.  Interestingly the main components of the two challenges, oil and water, are opposites of each other but provided equally skittish situations.

You can’t be afraid to confront your fears on The Amazing Race!

After an uneventful beginning of the leg which had the teams catch up to each other at the airport and after arriving at the first clue marker in Azerbaijan the leg immediately became interesting.  Along with their next destination the teams were given the Fast Forward option.

Normally I do not like the catch up points.  Certainly I understand that at times catch up points are unavoidable.  They happened in the first few seasons.  With so many in recent seasons, however, they seem more contrived and against the spirit of the game. Read More...


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