Desperate Housewives Review: Answering the Call

"Any Moment," while hardly perfect, did not feel adequate enough in pace with less than a handful of episodes remaining in the series. Regardless, it was a strong installment, but it simply was not as epic in nature as last week’s quite possibly best Desperate Housewives episode ever.

 As we continue to trudge forward with the end in sight, tonight’s installment focused on answering the call in life with Lynette trying to win Tom back, Gaby’s shot at proving her worth in the working world, and Susan’s opportunity to show MJ the right path in dealing with Mike’s death.

I, for one, loved the latter of all of these storylines. From Bree’s touching moment with Andrew to Lynette’s sweet scene with Penny, I realized that this was just another element of Desperate Housewives that I would truly miss. Though strangely a bit violent, the scene with Susan and MJ taking out their anger by smashing jars of jams left me teary-eyed once again. When MJ dropped the last jar on the ground and finally broke down in his mother’s arms, I could feel their pain, anger and devastation. It was truly a heartbreaking scene. Read More...


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