The Good Wife Recap: Suburgatory

I’m so confused by this show. In an earlier recap, I compared punishment on The Good Wife to that on Mad Men and on Lost. On Mad Men, most transgressions are marked by something terrible happening to the transgressor. It’s an eye for an eye in a morally black-and-white (though rather unjust) universe: Sleep with engaged Pete, get pregnant and have his baby; lie about your identity, have your marriage implode and your brother kill himself; continue to obscure your true self, destroy the one relationship with a smart woman who’s your equal (Faye) that could bring you lifelong fulfillment. I’d thought that The Good Wife resembled Lost, in that characters get to behave in a murky fashion until they’re swept off the Island or some mighty, cumulative punishment comes down on them fifteen years after the fact, like Will’s suspension, or even Diane having to deal with the fallout from Will’s suspension. Read More...


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