Basketball Wives Season 4 Sneak Peek: Surround Me with Calmness, Please

One of the central storylines on this season of Basketball Wives has been the dissolution of Evelyn and Jennifer's friendship. Once the power couple of the circle, the two have thoroughly divided up the rest of the cast, as everyone's trying to figure out how to incorporate both of them into their lives. For what it's worth, Jennifer has been fairly optimistic about the situation, never quite shutting the door on a future reconciliation with her former friend.

Until now.

In the sneak peek of tonight's episode, Jennifer's pretty much over it, after being hit in the head by Evelyn's purse last week. I can't say that I blame her; it's one thing to call someone names or yell at them, but getting violent crosses the line. And all of this over a blog post? C'mon now. You'd think Shaunie would climb down from her ivory tower to either put a stop to this or check Evelyn for getting buck at her birthday party, but I guess not. Read More...


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