Eastbound & Down Recap: Mommy Dearest

This episode is about as sentimental as it gets — which, to be honest, is a welcome respite after the last few pitch-black weeks of Shane's death, Stevie's infidelity, and Dochenko's general assholery/Slavicness. Tonight just saw lots of good family feelings and prescription drugs and Prarie Home Companion–type shit. And, at a crucial moment, Kenny gets the ultimate Powers kick in the ass: an American flag at a gas station, accompanied by the most offensive moves that two "inferior" men like Stevie and Eduardo could possibly make verbal comparisons to Kenny ("Guess it's just you and me. Two broken men," and "Both just tragic heroes in the book of life. Not so different, you and I").

Tammy Powers (Lily Tomlin) excitedly prepares for her famous baseball-playing son's arrival. "We have to change the sheets in the guest room and make sure there is noooo medication lying around." (Little does she know that Kenny's only visiting to dump Toby with her.) When another midlife lady bowler gets all up in her face, Tammy punches her in the grill. Now we know where Kenny's psychotic sense of competition comes from — certainly not from Patchouli God Don Johnson. As the guys hop out of the RV in front of Tammy's McMansion, Stevie's still staggering around in a drunk, remorseful fog in Maria's absence. His aggressively bald, eyebrowless dome also continues to shock (Kenny aptly introduces him to Tammy as "this man made of skin, here"). Surprised by the appearance of Eduardo, her long-lost husband who went for cigarettes twenty years ago and never came back, Tammy slams him in the nuts. Read More...



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