'Dancing With the Stars' Jaleel White: Urkel is his Captain Kirk


Question: You've done guest roles on "House" and "NCIS" recently. Is "Dancing With the Stars" also a conscious part of your image-expanding approach?Jaleel White: That's what so funny. Those other things are easy for me ... which isn't to belittle the craft of acting, but being on a set and delivering lines and taking notes a director gives me, that's second nature. I've been doing that since I was 3 years old, so if doing those shows comes as a shock to somebody, that's great for my career.I know Ed O'Neill to be an actor. Someone else may see him as Al Bundy, but I see him as an actor who goes on a show and knocks it out of the park. I see myself the same way; that's a whole different animal than doing "Dancing With the Stars."Question: Still, since "Dancing With the Stars" is known to highlight its celebrities' pasts, your playing Steve...



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