'Alcatraz' finale: What's behind the warden's door?


"Alcatraz" fans, get ready for a doozy of a finale. In tonight's two-hour conclusion to the first season of the time-bending drama, we'll finally get some answers about just what happened in 1963 and how the mysterious warden was involved.Though FOX has not yet picked up "Alcatraz" for a Season 2, co-creator Stephen Lilien tells Zap2it that the writers weren't afraid to leave us hanging. "We have a big cliffhanger," he told us at WonderCon. "But we also have a lot of answers, so we'll answer a lot of the big questions, the biggest being what's behind the Warden's door. We'll open that door, we'll see what's inside."The secret room will hold clues to a potential arc for the second season, according to co-creator Bryan Wynbrandt. "Once you're in through that door, new questions will be posed based off of what's behind that door," he explains.The two-hour finale will give us the opportunity to delve...



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