Being Human Review: Never Can Say Goodbye

It was a night full of hellos and goodbyes on Being Human. Nora returned and Aidan decided to run with Suren. Sally learned she didn't have to fear the reaper in "Don't Fear the Scott" and, in general, things fell apart. Check out the Being Human quotes for some of the fun stuff and some of the sad things that were said.

I loved that Sally was watching Paranormal Witness on TV. What else would a ghost watch on television, right? And, damn, I was glad Scott was hanging around. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, he was giving Sally some decent advice. But not as good as that she got when Nora came back, trying to atone for her own sins. Josh was so torn between the two women from his past that he couldn't see she was doing good by helping Sally and basically slammed the door in her face. Read More...


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