Smash “The Coup” Review

In the aftermath of the workshop, the characters on Smash hung in limbo as decisions and changes were made to the direction of the Marilyn musical. Because "The Coup" was a transitional episode that wrapped up the workshop story arc and led into the next phase of production, there seemed to be a handful of less important stories that were somewhat arbitrarily crammed into the episode, making it feel rather erratic on the whole.

After we saw Julia’s family returning to normal, she met with Michael at the park to let him know he was being let go. Apparently, Michael had a sudden change of character. He told Julia that his family was everything to him and that if she hadn’t fired him he would have quit. It would have been nice to see little bits of that guilt set up in the last few episodes instead of having him suddenly change from a borderline stalker to a dedicated family man. Read More... 


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