Castle “47 Seconds” Review – Secrets Lead to Anger

In this episode of Castle, called "47 Seconds" the team has a window only that big to find the person who planted a bomb at a protest and killed 5 people. Due to the nature of the crime, Beckett and the rest of the department are delegated to interviewing witnesses, since the FBI is taking point on the investigation. Despite seeming like schlep work, those interviews are crucial. But, as Castle says, interviewing that many people to find one suspect is also like trying to "find Waldo in a sea of Waldo’s."

With so many people to interview, there are also a lot of red herrings to chase. One witness after another sends the team in the wrong direction, even to the point of having the FBI arrest a man they are sure is the bomber. The team keeps looking though and finally comes across a witness who points them in a surprising direction – to one of the victims. From there, they get to the actual person who detonated the bomb; the reporter that just so happened to conveniently catch the whole thing on camera. Read More... 


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