Alcatraz Season Finale Review: Unlocking the Mystery

Alcatraz, the mysterious serialized mythology wrapped around the weekly routine procedural, premiered with a premise that was intriguing and a cast of characters that looked to become entertaining to follow throughout their journey of revelation.

Except the show had an extremely bumpy ride throwing in often lazy plot devices, never really exploring the characters beyond their most basic outline, and piling on the enigmatic secrets in the hopes that it would distract from the relatively average cases that took place each episode.

Don't get me wrong, the show garnered strong potential from the idea of the disappearing prisoners and soon found itself improving in connecting the past with the present. And yes, I was curious enough to want to know where the show was headed with all of the special keys, silver lined blood, familial connections, and the time travel (jump, wormhole, whatever your theory) to see through to the end. Read More...


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