Castle: 4.19 "47 Seconds" Review

So… one of the secrets is finally out.

Last night’s Castle told the story of a bombing during a protest in New York that took the lives of five people and injured countless more. While the NYPD wasn’t directly involved – the FBI has jurisdiction in investigations like these – the case really affected everyone at the Precinct, including Castle and Beckett. The fact that most of the victims had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time hit really close to home as to how they’re just taking tomorrow for granted.

It was shaping up to be an incredible step forward for our dynamic duo and they built it really well through half of the episode with looks and loaded conversations and Martha’s advice. Even though I knew the secret had to come out at some point (because we all saw that promo, right), I found myself gearing up for something good to happen. And then they ripped the rug from right under our feet and punched us – and Castle – in the gut with that careless, unintended revelation. Read More...


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