'Smash' Recap: 'The Coup'

Last night was all about temptation: Good girl Karen was tempted to go bad with Derek, Dev was tempted by the seedy underbelly of politics, and Ellis was tempted by his longing to be a producer and his diminishing affection for Tom. Everyone was on edge after the lackluster workshop last week. No one knew what the next step was going to be, and Ivy especially was concerned her head was on the chopping block.

Ivy may not know her fate, but Julia broke the news to Michael early on that he would no longer be part of the Marilyn team (Subtext: Also no longer part of her life.) He took the news well, saying that if he wasn’t fired he would have quit. Perhaps they’ll be able to put their affair behind them with no one else the wiser? Doubtful, but it’s working for the moment. Other family drama included Eileen’s daughter, Katie, showing up, concerned about how her mother was handling her father’s increasingly spiteful money issues regarding their impending divorce. Read More...



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