Smash Recap: The Church of St. Gummer

Here in the winter of our discontent, as we gather around our communal hearths in our shabby overcoats, warming our chilblain-stricken fingertips over the last sputtering embers of the Golden Age of Television, there is one program that stands alone. A program that shows us the creative process in all its glory, heartbreak, and disillusionment; that fearlessly lays bare the hypocrisy of our gilded, media-driven age; a show that so fiercely interrogates the contradictions of human nature that it seems to turn its gimlet gaze on the unsolvable puzzle of our own personalities, on the mystery of existence itself.

But Mad Men is on Sunday nights. Snap! Girl, this is Smash! Ah aaaah! (To be sung to the tune of "Flash’s Theme" from Flash Gordon. Flash Gordon, starring Topol.) Read More...


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