Body of Proof “Going Viral” Review

After months of mediocrity, I think that "Going Viral," the first in a special two-part story, might be one of the best episodes of Body of Proof so far this season. Yes, Megan still got on my nerves (as well as the FBI and the CDC’s), but in the face of a mysterious outbreak that killed quickly, killed horribly and killed one of their own, I suppose I can forgive her this once.

Pretty Dani was never a major character, but she was dating one. Still, that didn’t stop her from dying a pretty intense death in Peter’s arms. I have to admit, while it wasn’t the most shocking death on TV, it was certainly unexpected, and I appreciate a show that’s not afraid to kill non-contracted cast members for the sake of drama.

And nothing says drama like a viral outbreak. It’s the great fear of our times, responsible, I believe, for pop culture’s current obsession with all things zombie. Mutant viruses and lethal bacteria…they are scarier than the boogeyman because they can’t be fought with guns and brute force. The only thing that can fight them is science. Read More... 


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