Justified Recap: Axes of Evil

I know I did my share of nitpicking about the direction of the Quarles character last week, and while I still don't think we can entirely buy that someone this flaky and unstable could have established such a fearsome reputation in the Detroit mob scene, "Measures" at least takes the Quarles we know to his logical conclusion: hunted by both Detroit and Boyd Crowder, in a race to see who can take him out first.

Heading up the delegation from Detroit is character actor extraordinaire Michael Ironside. His character might have a name, but it can’t be as cool as Ironside, so that's what I'm using. Ironside and Associate descend upon Raylan's bar, the last known whereabouts of Quarles, and as often happens with Raylan and some bad guys, there's a tussle. In the episode's biggest stretch of credibility, it takes Raylan (and eventually Art, once the two team up to bring Quarles in) a loooooong time to realize that these Detroit hoods are not in Kentucky to help Quarles but to take him out, at the request of Theo Tonin.

The heretofore unseen Tonin is played by Adam Arkin, who seems a bit too young to be father to Max Perlich and father figure to Neal McDonough, but it's good casting otherwise. After giving Quarles as much leeway as he could, Tonin can't justify keeping this loose cannon around anymore. Initially, this means treating the Harlan operation as a total loss (an understandable decision, as Quarles hadn't even set up the elaborate oxy distribution operation he planned to, busy as he was meddling in local puissant elections). But a fortuitous phone conversation with Wynn Duffy could change all that, as Wynn shows his true opportunistic colors once again and offers to take Quarles out himself, in exchange for a piece of whatever business Detroit still might want to do in Harlan. Plus a handsome financial bonus: $100,000 for Quarles dead, $200,000 if Sammy Tonin gets to have a "talk" with Quarles before he's offed. Read More...



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