Survivor: One World “The Beauty in the Merge” Review

After Colton’s merciful departure last week, Survivor: One World returned tonight with "The Beauty inthe Merge". You have to wonder if Colton being med-evac’d last week forced the Survivor producers to make the merge happen early, but this brings up a lot of questions. Do they have individual immunity challenges from here on out? Will the eliminated members join the jury? I guess we’ll find out!

After some headbutting back at camp over the coffee, we get to our reward challenge and my first question is answered: The tribe will be split into two teams for the reward challenges. The challenge itself wasn’t anything we haven’t seen before, as the contestants had to dig under a fence, crawl through some logs and dig for puzzle pieces. When the orange team wins, we get a really weird spat between Jonas and Tarzan concerning Tarzan’s allegiance to the men’s tribe. Tarzan’s always been a weirdo, but he’s always been a very loyal weirdo. He was loyal to the men before, and he was even loyal to the terrible Colton, so I don’t know why his discussion with Jonas got so bad so fast. Maybe it was just the stress of having lost out on pizza and beer. Read More... 


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