'The Vampire Diaries' Joseph Morgan reminds us that Klaus is more murderer than sensitive artist


We like to think we're pretty tuned in to "The Vampire Diaries" fandom, but when fans went from loving to hate Klaus this season -- what with his murderous ways and creepy boxes of dead family members -- to sympathizing with (and swooning over) him, we got a little bit of whiplash. He killed Aunt Jenna, you guys! It's amazing to see the affect a well-timed love interest can have on viewers' perception of a character. "This Caroline storyline has really gotten people on board the romantic train with Klaus, hasn't it?" Joseph Morgan laughs when we bring up the change of heart. "It's really changed into people desperately wanting them to be together. Imagine if he kills her in the finale? I'd be hated forever, wouldn't I?"In tonight's episode, we'll be reminded of just how devious Klaus can be -- after all, it's important for the audience to understand why the Salvatores are still...



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