American Idol Recap: How Many Wind Chimes Does Stevie Nicks Have?

We are down to nine hopefuls. Do you think we could maybe get down to business and knock this show down to 90 minutes? No. No, we can’t. Two hours tonight. Listen: I am enjoying this show, and I would love significantly less of it.

We begin, as ever, with Importance. Were you aware that our top nine were all once children? With a special dream? Well, it’s true. We are treated once again to Deandre’s Music Man moment, as well as childhood performance footage of Jessica Sanchez that might have been shot on an iPhone 4. "But did you know that your dream ... " — shots of fallen Idols Erika van Pelt, Jeremy Rosado, and Gentle Repeat Offender Jermaine Jones — "came at a price?"

Yep. Yeah, I think we’re all clear that there will be only one winner here (except for the people who don’t win but still get recording contracts and Academy Awards). And unless the producers come to your house after you’ve been eliminated and remove one item, none of this comes at a price per se; you still leave with everything you came in with. Read More...


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