The Secret Circle Review: That Old Black Magic

Amazingly, "Sacrifice" didn't stop the momentum of Cassie's likeability. Having a father willing to hurt you that much deeply trumps some of your other, more irritating qualities and I still felt sorry for her and, thus, liked her. Go figure. On the other hand, Faye had some wicked Secret Circle quotes in relation to Cassie and Adam's breakup.

It was weird how that same breakup turned Adam into a cocky, gum chewing creep. Sorry, but the dude but doesn't have enough cred to be pulling that kind of crap. It was kind of embarrassing to watch. I didn't like him helping Faye and Melissa flirt magically. At least he finally told them what he was feeling. Oddly enough, he was feeling absolutely nothing, and it was that blank slate that was driving him mad. Doesn't it seem like the whole thing is on the tip of his tongue? Like a word he can't remember? Since Jake wasn't highlighted it was even stronger. Read More...


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