Up All Night Review: Growing Pains

Last week we saw how the amount of screen time given to a guest star doesn't necessarily translate into a proportionate amount of chemistry with the usual cast. However on tonight's episode "Letting Go", Stevie Nicks was initially referenced in numerous scenes which created a build up to her eventual appearance which was just epic. She exuded this mystical yet fantastically entertaining aura of omnipotence. Some people no matter their age never seem to lose that edge, that special something that they are known for. 

Sadly for Chris such is not often the case for athletes who unlike actors and musicians depend on their bodies ability to stay youthful to remain competitive in their arenas. It is a very real issue facing many men. I often have said one of the worst things about getting old is that you no longer have an excuse to wear eye black. So I couldn't blame Chris for trying to get out there and skate with the young bucks but man did I have to laugh at his amazingly accurate portrayal of an athlete past him prime enduring the aftershocks of trying to recapture the thrills on one's youth. Kudos to Will Arnett for looking pretty good out on the ice for an actor too.  Read More...



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