Awake Review: The Constant Confusion of Duality

"Oregon" once again took us back primarily to Rex’s reality, and in the process we get a little more insight on two of the more important relationships in Britten’s life: Hannah and Freeman.

Hannah continues her process of moving on with her life, and preferably as far away as possible from their current home and lifestyle. And, for once, I agree with Dr. Lee and his assessment of all of it: with everything Hannah is doing, and all of the choices she’s making, when things in life begin falling back into place will Britten have a part in it?

As always, it seems Dr. Lee’s concerns always have some kind of flaw that is never acknowledged, and this time he failed to see where Hannah places Britten in her life. Britten isn’t someone she would leave behind if she packed up and left, she wants him to come with her. She doesn’t want to leave him. Everything she loves about Rex she sees in him every day. Read More...


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