The Mentalist Review: Lisbon In The Box

"Pink Champagne on Ice" brought us another acquaintance from Jane's past and one more punch in the nose. Patrick should really be more careful with that pretty face. Didn't he take a punch to the face in one of the last episodes?

But as much as I liked revisiting Jane's questionable past, I found Jack the magician to be one of the least intriguing of his former cronies. Of course Jack had fallen on hard times and it showed in the cheesy casino magic show. Honestly, they couldn't give away enough watered down drinks to get me to sit through that mess.

Obviously Jack hasn't kept up on Patrick Jane since he had no idea what had happened to him in the sixteen years since they'd last met. How exactly do you start that conversation? My wife and child were slaughtered by a mad man. How have you been? Read More...


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