'Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'The Murder of One'

Well, here’s your SPOILER ALERT (in case the episode title wasn’t enough of a clue): There was, in fact, a murder of one last night. And as you may suspect, it related to Stefan’s and Damon’s plan to kill Klaus, because as you remember, killing one Original would kill all of them, due to Esther’s binding. Except, these kinds of things never go according to plan, not entirely because the show might be over if so.

So, yeah. Finn is dead. I have to say that I miss him. Truly, I do. Yes, he was creepy and freakishly devoted to his mother, but how’s a guy supposed to act when he’s been encased in a coffin for 900 years by his vampire/werewolf hybrid brother? He was a good one, that Finn. I can tell he would’ve been interesting—all those late medieval nights with Sage in Mystic Falls. And he was so classically handsome, too! But enough of this eulogy. We have implications to discuss! Implications galore. Read More...



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