Person of Interest “Identity Crisis” Review

Person of Interest returned from its miniature 3-week hiatus with "Identity Crisis", our first episode of the series with TWO persons of interest! With only three more episodes left after tonight’s installment, are things ratcheting up enough to the season finale? We’ll find out in tonight’s episode!

"Identity Crisis" was a tale of two Jordan Hesters. When the number comes up for somebody named Jordan Hester, it turns out that the social security number belongs to somebody who has had their identity stolen. So the first thing to do was find out which one was doing the identity theft and which one was having their identity stolen.

At first I was disappointed how predictable it all was. I mean, if I had to guess which one was the moonlighting drug trafficker, I’d probably guess the scruffy looking barkeep over the respectable and pretty looking blond girl. But this show has always done a good job at keeping itself fresh and unpredictable, so it fooled me yet again when we found out that the pretty blond chick was the one who stole the other dude’s identity! Read More... 


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